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The cleaning mop we offer here is not an ordinary mop, because it has special design that helps you to mop the floor effortlessly.  The lever has a switch to lock and unlock the mop head, and as long as the switch is on, your mop head can spin in 360 degree in not only the bucket but also anywhere you want to clean.  The mop is generally applied for cleaning kitchen, bedroom, car, windows or anywhere that is difficult to clean in your house. 

Besides, the head of the cleaning mop is made of Microfiber fabric, which is easy to clean when you put it into the water.  In order to make the best usage of the mop, the bucket is definitely a good company for you.  The bucket is special designed with wringing mechanism, and it is convenient for you because you can use only one foot to step onto the pedal.  Then, repeat the action few times and you will have a dry mop to clean your floor!

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