plastic molded parts

plastic molded parts

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plastic molded parts

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Injection molding is a manufacturing process for making parts from thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic or other related material which are supplied into the heated barrel, mixed, as well as forced into the mold cavity. Injection molding is widely used for fabricating the variety of parts from the smallest component to entire body panels of vehicles. Injection molded parts are cooled from fabricating temperatures so that they could maintain the shape when ejected. Successful and precision designs for injection molded parts are based on the understanding of process-related principle. For example, the professional person should have the ability to fill the mold, tendency to flash, ease of part ejection, and the potential for warping, sinking and voiding creation. According to the needs of customers, our company always develops and designs elaborate the injection molding in order to meet the expectations and specifications.

M010211 Mould Base: LKM, DME Core/Cavity steel: 45#, P20, 718, 718H, 2738, 2316 etc No. of Cavities: Single/Multi Injection System:Direct Gate, Side Gate, Point Gate, Sub Gate etc. Mould Leading Time: 50days Mould Lifespan: More than 500,000 Shots Mould Runner : Cold/Hot Runner Mould Components: HASCO, DME, PUNCH etc Main Softwares: Auto CAD, UG, Catia, Solidworks, etc. Quality assurance: ISO9001 
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