Stretch Film

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Stretch Film

Kang Wei Color - Printing Co., Ltd. is a good and professional manufacturer of Stretch Film products. We provide high quality and compatible Stretch Film products for different requests and wishes from clients. We are not only offering good Stretch Film products but also offering cling film, pe film, packaging manufacturer and pallet packaging. Our excellent supply of world-class quality and manufacture are based on modern facilities and quality control for Stretch Film products.

As we know, there are many Stretch Film manufacturers are all over the world and are always in full swing in the markets. But we are very proud of our product qualities and we do believe that we can provide the best service.

We, Kang Wei Color - Printing Co., Ltd., are fulled of technical experiences and very well known on the Stretch Film markets. We are offering good Stretch Film product services with qualities and have modern facilities and quality control for Stretch Film process as, even better, other Stretch Film manufacturers. Therefore, Kang Wei Color - Printing Co., Ltd. will be a good manufacturing partner as your need.

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Stretch film is ideal for securing irregular shaped loads. A quick and quiet way of wrapping, stabilising and securing palletised goods.Stretch wrap or stretch film is a highly stretchable plastic film that is wrapped around items. The elastic recovery keeps the items tightly bound. It is frequently used to unitize pallet loads but also may be used for bundling smaller items.Stretch wrap can be applied manually with small rolls (perhaps 5 inch wide) of film. Stretch film is a high elongation, It is used to unitize and protect products during storage and shipment.Stretch film used to unitize a number of small, individual items into larger unit loads (normally on a pallet).Stretch film used as primary packaging material for protecting individual products.
Stretch film - manufactured in five layers LLDPE consisted the best components from Dow chemical.
Our film present customers excellent elongation ability, and this lead us to become a solid supplier of: AUO (Nasdaq listed, one of the largest TFT LCD manufacturer in the world), Evergreen Marine Corp. (one of the top three marine co. in the world)...etc.
Industrial LLDPE stretch film is used for pallet packing.
Hand-packing stretch film:No more emphasis on stretch effect; suitable for simple hand-packing operation
Machine stretch film:Extension function can reach two items length, being suitable for traditional packing machine
Also called stretch film entwining machine or mechanical pre-stretch machine
Machine stretch film:Extension function can reach over three items length; suitable for motive power pre-stretch packing machine (also called stretch entwining machine)
  • Material: LLDPE
  • Spec/thickness: 13 to 30u
  • Width: 300 to 2,500mm
  • Length: 200 to 3,000m
  • Roll caliber: inside diameter 1, 2 or 3 inches
  • Foreign customers' order for single surface with outside adhesion and double-surface adhesion are accepted
  • SGS Tested

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