Neoprene fabric

Neoprene fabric

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Neoprene Fabric - Junior Stretch (NEW)

Product ID: sy-fabric 04

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* with DUPONT tag - environmental cloth
Junior Stretch is made by new ecological elastic material.
Single jersey structure provides the fabrics good elongation and stretch without PU elastic yarn.
Bright and various colors are available.
The fabrics show better light fastness and are suitable for fluorescent colors.
The fabrics are smooth, soft hand feel and similar elasticity with rubber sponge.
Junior stretch is an adequate choice to laminate for diving suit, surfing suit, protective apparel, shoes and bags.
NYLON Warp - 110% Weft - 260%
POLYESTER Warp - 90% Weft - 125%
JUNIOR STRETCH Warp - 120% Weft - 260 %

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