Noise Tester

Product ID: NC-16-2

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The equipment is for monitoring the ambient noise in PA zone, and automatically control the output power of PA system, to keep the broadcast volume higher than the ambient noise.
  • Audio input impedance: >= 20 K ohm
  • Audio output impedance:
  • Measuring ambient is adopted in noise testing circuit, the equipment is with high common mode rejection ratio, capable to test accurately the exact noise level at each testing point.
  • In each PA zone the noise samples are taken from three testing points, and sent to the single chip via AID switch circuit for software comparison process consequently the anti-interference ability of the equipment is improved.
  • Language distingue wishing circuit distinguishes the intermittence of long age automatically, and takes samples at the testing point during the intermittence to insure the reliability of sampling data.
  • Two operate modes of manual and automatic.
  • Convenient for operation and maintenance.

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