Ceramic Tube for Vacuum Switches and Interrupters

Product ID: XB, YB, DB, LP

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Vacuum switches have the advantages which air and oil switches can not compared with. Since 1990s, the vacuum switches have been widely used in power system, post & telecommunication system, mines and electric-railways.
Ceramic tube is the key element of vacuum switch. Dahua manufactures ceramic tube by isostatic pressing to the 90's international level.
Metallizing seal quality is the important technical figure for the ceramic tube which Dahua has a leading level domestically.
.Type: XB 114-91, XB 110-148, XB 106-91, XB 99-80.5, YB 110-183, YB 103-183, DB 75-140, LP 79-120
  • High insulation.
  • High precision in sizes.
  • High material density or high air tight.
  • Sample purchase.

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