Ballistic Ceramics

Product ID: FD, FDB

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The appearance of high-tech ceramics has broken through the deadlock of metal in armament control. The high-tech ceramic, with advantages of high hardness, strong wear resisting, corrosion resistance and low density, is highly welcomed by the armament experts and be widely used in airplanes, warships, tanks and armored vehicles and also ballistic vest for body protection.
Dahua manufactures ballistic ceramics with the 90's international standard of the same product in bullet-proof function and has gained the Certificate of The State-Level as new product in 1996.
.Type: FD-55-0.6, FD-55-0.8, FD-55-1.0, FD-88-1.2, FD-88-1.4, FD-88-1.6, FDB-3025-0.6, FDB-3025-0.8, FDB-3025-1.0, FDB-4040-1.2, FDB-4040-1.4, FDB-4040-1.6
  • High hardness.
  • High wear resistance.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Low density.
  • Strong bullet-proof function.
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