High Purity Alumina Ceramics

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High purity alumina ceramic is a kind of structure ceramics with good properties of high hardness, wear-resistance, high temperature and good insulation, used in the fields of mechanism, electro-power, metallurgy, chemistry, petroleum and so on.
Dahua can manufacture ceramics of tubes, rods, balls, rings, flats and different shapes such as thermocouple sheath, sealing rings, medium balls and crucibles.
  • Size:
    • Medium balls: Dia.10-Dia.50 mm
    • Ceramic tubes: Dia.2-Dia.100 mm
    • Tubular crucibles: < = 5,000 ml
    • Arc crucibles: < = 5,000 ml
    • Ceramic rings: Dia.< = 400 mm
  • High hardness.
  • Wear resistance.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • High temperature.
  • Good insulation.
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Main Products

High Pressure Sodium Lamps, Burners (Arc Tubes) for High Pressure Sodium Lamps, High Purity Alumina Translucent Ceramic Tubes (PCA Tubes) for Burners, Ballistic Ceramic Tiles and Plate, Alumina Ceramic Crucibles (Pots)