H-100 Urine Analyzer

H-100 Urine Analyzer

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Urine Analyzer

Product ID: H-100

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  • Teat Items: Leucocytes, Nitrite, Urobilirogen, Protein, pH, Blood, Ascorbic Acid, Specific Gravity, Ketone, Bilirubin, Glueose.
  • Languages: Chinese, English, Optional.
  • Test system of ultra-high integrated cool light source.
  • H8, H10, H11 reagent strips can be used separately.
  • Chinese and English can be displayed and printed and can be connected with computer, computer can control.
  • Test system for superhigh brightness and luminescence.
  • Network and computer control.
  • Item 8, 10, 11 can show the result in English and Chinese version and print.

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Reagent Strips for Urine Analysis, Urine Analyzer, Urine analysis