Energy-Saving Transformer for Oil-Extractor

Product ID: RS9 SERIES

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RS9 Series capacitance-regulable is transformer for a special purpose, which is developed by our company according to the oil extractor specialty on oil extraction in oil field for reducing of mono-power consumption on oil extraction in oil field for forming complete set with oil extractor. It has a leading level at home and is a rare energy saving new type product. The said product has a very powerful overloading capability. When the oil extraction machine is equipped in combination with the use of oil field transformer of relative specification, it not only satisfies the requirement on overloading capacity during starting of oil extractor but also changes the unreasonable phenomenon of using a big horse to draw a small car con sisterly adopted by the ordinary machines. Under the condition of not increasing the capability of the electric power network and investment, it is able to enlarge one time of the capability of oil extraction.
On account of that the capacity of the transformer equipped in combination for use is decreased by one-half. It is therefore that the consumption on empty loading and the consumption on loading of the transformer is able to decrease by 45% and 70% and above respectively. Further, it is also able to save the investment in great amount for consumption of electricity on the items for the expenses of increasing capacity and basceal expenses etc.
Therefore, the said product has an apparent economical beneficial result and social beneficial result and is the very ideal renewing and changing generation energy sawing type new product for oil field.
  • Energy-saving.
  • Patent-product.
  • One of "9th 5" science subject of china gas company.
  • Sample Purchase.
  • Explosion-Proof Certificate

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