Electro - Machine Controlled Safe ( WDB )

Product ID: WDB-G360

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Model No. Size (mm) N.T. (kg)
WDB-G360 360 x 290 x 170 22.5
WDB-R390 390 x 320 x 170 23
WJB-G360 360 x 290 x 170 23.5
WJB-R390 390 x 320 x 170 24
  • The WDB type adopted the advanced electronic technology with the lock-making technology, it has been in the lead at home.
  • The WDB type of Electro-machine controlled safe is highly secure, the capacity of codes is up to 100 billion.
  • The WDB type can be arranged codes freely with 12 digits, it is simple and high speed.
  • It adopts high-quality material, has fireproof and alarm installation.
  • The WDB type has the opening key in urgent situation, it can be time-lapse opened.

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