CNC Sheet Metal Uncoil - Level Shearing Line

Product ID: T44QK

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T44QK series CNC sheet metal uncoil-level shearing line is mainly used in uncoiling. Leveling and shearing cold-rolled and hot-rolled steel plate into various specifications of specified steel sheet. This product applies in many industries such as vehicle manufacturing, household appliances, switch cubicles, steel-structure office appliances, stainless steel kitchen utensils, machinofacture, etc. The sheet metal uncoil-level line gas the function of shearing steel plates with high efficiency according to the specified length. All kinds of rolled steel plate can be uncoiled leveled, length-specified, strip-separated, and then sheared into various specifications of sheet materials, finally all kinds of sheet materials can be put down tidily and classifiably. To enterprises demanding various specifications of sheet materials in large amount, the line will help upgrade the output, cut down the cost, ensure quality and increase production efficiency. Installed the lines with digital controlled rotary press machine and double setion sheet stretcher, spare parts can be processed into shape at once, and it is indispensable high-efficient processing machine in modern enterprises.
Model T44QK-1.5 x 1500 T44QK-2 x 1350 T44QK-3 x 1600 T44QK-3.2 x 1202 T44QK-5 x 1600
Max. width of plate 1500mm 1350mm 1600mm 1250mm 1600mm
Max. width of plate 1.5mm 2.0mm 3.0mm 3.2mm 5.0mm
Range of length 10.0 ~ 9999.9mm 10.0 ~ 9999.9mm 10.0 ~ 9999.9mm 10.0 ~ 9999.9mm 10.0 ~ 9999.9mm
Accuracy of shearing +/-0.50mm +/-0.50mm +/-1.00mm +/-1.00mm +/-1.00mm
Amount of level wheel >= 5 >= 5 >= 5 >= 5 >= 5
Outside diameter of level wheel 110mm 125mm 125mm 135mm 180mm
Max. No. of strip separating 4 4 4 4 2
Speed of feed 35000mm/min 30000mm/min 25000mm/min 20000mm/min 25000mm/min
Motor power 11kW 11kW 22kW 22kW 22kW
Weight 18000kg 19000kg 26000kg 26000kg 40000kg

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