Vertical Fine Boring Machine

Product ID: T7220B

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The T7220B vertical fine boring machine is mainly used to bore high accurate holes of cylinder body and engine sleeve and other accurate holes.
  • Max. boring diameter: dia.200mm
  • Max. boring depth: 500mm
  • Spindle speed range: 53~840rev/min
  • Spindle feed range: 0.05~0.2mm/rev
  • Distance from spindle axis to carriage vertical plane: 315mm
  • Spindle travel: 710mm
  • Table longitudinal travel: 900mm
  • Table latitudinal travel: 100mm
  • Machining accuracy:
    • Dimension accuracy: IT7
    • Roundness: 0.005
    • Cylindricity: 0.01/300
    • Roughness: Ra.1.6
  • Overall dimensions(L x W x H): 1588 x 2210 x 2340mm
  • N.W./G.W.: 3300/3800kg
  • Packing dimensions (L x W x H): 1830 x 1730 x 2620mm
  • The table longitudinally and latitudinaly moving device.
  • The working fast centering device.
  • Boring measuring device.
  • Also provides optional digital readout for the table's longi and lati moving accessories to serve the users.
  • Standard accessories:
    • Spindle dia.150(boring holes: dia.151~dia.200)
    • Boring measuring device
  • Special accessories:
    • Spindle dia.110(boring holes: dia.111~dia.165)
    • Spindle dia.75(boring holes: dia.75~dia.115)
    • Spindle dia.56(boring holes: dia.57~dia.78)
    • Spindle dia.45(boring holes: dia.46~dia.60)
    • Universal Spindle (boring holes: dia.21~dia.48)
    • V-type cylinder fixture
    • Cylinder quick clamping device
    • Boring fixture for position of sleeves
    • Digital readout device
    • Notes: Special accessories for extra order

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