Bamboo Floor

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Natural: the naturally formed texture and hue gives you an ease feeling which keeps you refresh from the busy, dizzy city life. And surely, the flexibility in combination will enhance your creativity in interior design concepts. Environment preserving: save the forest, save the earth seems to be the most important in our daily life which leads to the concern of less wood consuming. The natural laps of the old trunk take place every five years to give way to generation of new roots. Thanks to the inter-connected bamboo roots system, bamboo groves fully rejuvenate themselves within five years of cutting. There is no doubt that the cutting of bamboo will certainly help in both their life cycle and wood preserving. Easy cleaning and durable: the Ultra-Violet (UV) coating on the product surface protects the "BOOD" boards from shearing and strong pressure. The long lasting coating not only sets you free from sealing wax but also keeps the product in a pleasant looking through years of time. Flame resistant: the "BOOD" boards has undergone special treatments which enhance the purpose of flame resistant, water-resistant and a distinguish result from germ free point of view. Easy to fix: standard size and color "BOOD" products are available in both horizontal and vertical cuts which gloss/matt finishing are ready for choice. Special request in size and color are welcome as well.
Item Standard Test result
Moisture content (%) = 0.6 0.67
Dry contractedness (%) Reaial direction = 2.5 2.92
Strength of shearing (MPA) >= 1.0 x 102 N/A
Hardness (MPA) Junction point >= 25 49.8
Hardness (MPA) Outer junction point >= 25 35.4
Absorbenergy when shock and crook(J) >= 12 14.8

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