High Pressure Sodium Lamp

Product ID: 250W

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The high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps, a kind of high intensity discharge lamp, light in golden white by high pressure sodium vapor discharge. They are made of lucalox are tubes and hard glass bulbs. With the advantages of high lumens-per-watt, better colour, excellent transparency in fog and long life. They are suitable for the applications of road ways, squares, buildings and tunnels.
Mode Price (USD)
70 W 8.4
100 W 8.75
150 W 9.625
400 W 12.25
  • 70 W.
  • 100 W.
  • 150 W.
  • 400 W.
  • High lumens-per-watt.
  • Better Colour.
  • Excellent transparency in fog.
  • Long life.

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