Type LCWB7-220(W1) Current Transformer

Type LCWB7-220(W1) Current Transformer

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Current Transformer

Product ID: LCWB7-220(W1)

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Type LCWB7-220(W1) current transformer is porcelain bushing, capacity, oil paper insulated, all-sealed and outdoor structure. It is suited for measuring current and energy or relay protection in 220 KV, 50 Hz power system. It can be installed at mid-dirt area. The leakage ratio is 2.5 CM/KV. It has 2 current ratio and can be filled in 5 or 6 secondary windings.
Type LCWB7-220(W1) current transformer is better than the other similar products in performance.
  • Rated current ratio (A): 2 x 600/5
  • Combination of accuracy class: 10P1/10P2/10P1/10P1/10P1/0.5
  • Accuracy class: 0.5, 10P1
  • Rated output (VA): 50
  • Rated short time thermal current (KA) (1S): 21-42 (5S)
  • Rated dynamic current (KA): 55-110
  • Rated insulation level (KV): 252/395/950
  • Standard: GB1208-87 IEC-185
  • The shape of primary winding is U. It is easy to bind the insulated material.
  • It can be filled in 5 of 6 secondary windings, and has top in 0.5 class. That is economical to users.
  • It is antipollution type and the leakage ratio is 2.5 CM/KV. It is suited for antipollation area and common area.
  • The parts and components are in common use with other products. So the cost is lower.
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