LZZB-27.5(GY) Current Transformer

LZZB-27.5(GY) Current Transformer

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Current Transformer

Product ID: LZZB-27.5(GY)

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LZZB-27.5(GY) current transformer is single phase, dry, casting insulated and indoor current transformer. It is suited for measuring current and energy or relay protection in 220 KV, 50 Hz power system. The casting insulated structure can prevent core from rusting. The installing place should no gas, steam, sediment, dirt, explosive and erosive dielectric to effect the insulated performance.
  • Rated current ratio (A): 50-800/5
  • Combination of accuracy class: 0.5/10P, 10P/10P
  • Accuracy class: 0.5, 10P
  • Rated output (VA): 25-50
  • Short time thermal current (KA) (1S): 6-31.5
  • Dynamic current (KA): 15-78.8
  • Rated insulation level (KV): 31.5/95/185
  • Standard: GB1208-87
  • The primary and secondary windings have taken some measure to reduce the partial discharge.
  • The leakage distance can meet the dirty area of electrification line, and common area as well.
  • The casting insulated structure can prevent the core from rusting.
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