JDCF-220(GYW1) Voltage Transformer

JDCF-220(GYW1) Voltage Transformer

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Voltage Transformer

Product ID: JDCF-220(GYW1)

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JDCF-220(GYW1) voltage transformer is single phase, four windings, oil-immersed, all sealed, outdoor and cascade type voltage transformer. It is suited for measuring voltage and energy or relay protection in 220 KV neutral-earthling power system. The body was fixed by support made of high quality insulated material. The transformer oil was dehydrate and degas. There is a plenty range in design.
  • Rated voltage ratio (KV): 220/31/2 / 0.1/31/2 / 0.1/31/2 / 0.1
  • Accuracy class and rated output (VA): metering winding 100 VA Cl. O.2 (250 VA for protection winding) 100 VA Cl. O.5 (500 VA for protection winding), protection winding 500 VA Cl. 3P (100 VA for metering winding 300 VA for residual winding), residual winding 300 VA Cl. 3P (100 VA for metering winding 500 VA for protection winding).
  • Max. output (VA): 2,000
  • Rated insulation level (KV): 252/395/950
  • Standard: GB1207-86
  • The primary use single enamel-insulated wire to enlarge the design range and improve the layer insulation and terminal insulation.
  • The body use epoxy phenol-aldehyde paperboard to improve the dielectric loss pass rate.
  • The all-sealed structure slow down the oil aging and damp. It can decrease maintain and save money.
  • 0.2 class replace 0.5 class to measure. It can increase the electricity last.
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