JDZX4-20 Voltage Transformer

JDZX4-20 Voltage Transformer

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Voltage Transformer

Product ID: JDZX4-20

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JDZX4-20 voltage transformer is single phase, three windings, all-sealed and indoor type voltage transformer. It is suited for measuring the voltage and energy or relay protection in 20 KV, AC power system. The core shape is C. The shape of core and all-sealed structure not only improve the insulated performance but all deduce the volume. The all-sealed structure is better than half-sealed structure, the operation is reliable and safe.
  • Rated voltage ratio (V): 20,000/31/2 / 100/31/2 / 100/31/2
  • Accuracy class and rated output:
    • Secondary winding: 100 VA, 0.5 cl.
    • Residual winding: 200 VA, 6P cl.
  • Rated insulation level (KV): 23/70/145
  • Max. output (VA): 600
  • Standard: GB1207-97
  • The core is C shape. The all-sealed structure prevent the core and wind from damping.
  • The C shape core made the winding binding easily.
  • All material are E class insulated material.
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