China Tianjin Second Transformer Works
Tianjin Second Transformer works, delegated by the Machinery Committee of People's Republic of china, specially produces medium and small-sized power transformers and transformers fitting to oil-submerged electro-pump. In its thirty years history, it has produced all kinds of power transformers less than 8,000 KVA 35KV such as: power transformers, transformer for oil-submerged electro-pump used to oil field on shore and / or offshore, Load regulation (Voltage) power transformer, rectifier transformer, equalizing inductance, filter inductance, air core inductance mineral transformer, dry-type transformer, transformer for mineral heat furnace and / or arc furnace, adjustable winding transformer and voltage regulator, etc. Non-standard transformers can be designed and produced auording to user's requirements.
Having imported shearing-line from W. Germany and other modern production equipment's and special devices, the works has been improved in technology greatly. Provided with precision measuring instruments and adopting modern scientific management. The production technology levels and quality of product have been improved much more.
Its product has been ideally designed and got the certificate of international standard very early, and can meet the quality requirement of IEC. It is appreciated by consumer for its kindly service pre-sale and after sale, it was awarded with the Prize of good quality product in Tianjin.
Tianjin second Transformer works is marching quickly on its way of "the four modernization's", it shall contribute even more and much better transformer products for the development of electricity industry.

Company Profile

  • Established in
  • Capital
    USD 5,000,000
  • Annual Sales:
    USD 4,000,000
  • No. of Employee
  • Business types
    • ODM Manufacturer
  • Markets
      East Asia / East Europe/Russia / Southeast Asia / China
    Exultant Product certification, State Certification