Mineral Heat Furnace And Calcium Carbide Furnace Transformer

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Mineral heat furnace and calcium carbide furnace transformer is the specialized transformer. It's mainly used in miner, chemical factory. Its feature is twice low electric power, strong electric flow. Our transformer contains well-designed structure, perfect property esp. radiator. Quick delivery and good after service have widely good effects on customers.
Type Capacity (KVA) Connection Group No. Cooling Total Weight (Kg)
HSCJ-800/10 800 Y/o-11 Oil immersed natural cooling or forced cooling 4,900
HSFP-5000/10 5,000 Y/o-12 Oil-to-circulation water cooling 14,800
HCSSP-6300/35 6,300 Y/o-11 Oil-to-circulation water cooling 20,000

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