Anti - Theft Safe Series Products

Product ID: FBG-CDD1180, FBG-CDD880, FBG-CDD780, FBG-CDD680, FBG-TB1050

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Tri-circle brand Electro-magnet controlled anti-theft safes are high and new technology products made by use of advanced magnetic card technology, and micro-electronic technology, suitable for keeping confidential documents, valuables, money and securities. The products area insured by the People's Insurance Company of China.
Model No. Size (mm) N.W. (kg)
FBG-CDD1180 1180 x 60 x 580 >400
FBG-CDD880 880 x 550 x 500 >400
FBG-CDD780 780 x 480 x 450 >340
FBG-CDD680 680 x 420 x 370 >240
FBG-TB1050 1050 x 550 x 500 >400
  • High security: equipped with magnetic card lock and electronic code lock with an encoding capacity of up to 100 billion changes of codes.
  • High resistance: the safe body has sturdy armored layer, guarding against explosion, drilling, prying fire and flame cutting.
  • Various alarms: in case of abnormal opening , wrong code, moving, vibration, breakage, short circuit, high temperature and not locking.
  • High standard workmanship: made according to the national standard GB10409-89, and checked and tested by the quality testing center for safety electronic products for police use of the Ministry of Public Security and have reached the level of class C of type B. Presently the safes are the highest class anti-theft safes at home.

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