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Product ID: DFH-654


DFH-654 Tractor

  • A compact structure and popular appearance.
  • Types: two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive
  • Features of wider speed range, excellent adhesion, large traction and big cross power.
  • The chassis has been designed manifold operations such as cultivating, harvesting, sowing, ditch-digging, etc.

Model DFH-650 DFH-654
Rated power 48kw at 2,200 r/min 48kw at 2,200 r/min
Overall dimensions (mm) 3,415 x 1,830 x 1,650 3,655 x 1,830 x 1,780
Wheel tread (front/rear) (mm) 1,420 / 1,520 1,450 / 1,550
PTO speed (r/min) 540 1,000

Main Products:
Tractor, Agriculture Machinery, Construction Machinery, Power Machinery, International Economic & Technical Cooperation, Business of Processing According to the Drawings, Samples & Materials

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