K50 ( KX ) Series Two - Jaw Wedge Type Power Chucks

Product ID: K50

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K50 chucks are made for processing all kinds of non-round components. They are especially good for valve-type work-pieces. Varieties of hardened, widened and odd-shaped jaws can also be supplied in users' requirements. Two T-shape slots are designed on the front of the chuck for setting the auxiliary stopping dogs and counter balances. According to the connecting from of jaws, these chucks are classified as the following two kinds: (K50 B (KX1): cross tenon soft top jaw are offered; K50 C (KX2): serration soft top jaws are offered.)
Size 160 200 250 320
Max piston stroke (mm) 19 23 27 30
Eff. travel per jaw (mm) 5 6 7 8
Max. draw bar pull (daN) 750 1200 2200 3000
.The dimensions of jaws are the same as those of K51 series.

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