K55 - IV Series Wedge Type High - Speed Power Chucks With Big Through Hole

Product ID: K55-IV

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Besides having all the features of K55 series chucks, these chucks are distinguished for their bigger through-holes, which makes them especially good for rod material's processing. Equipping all kinds of full-function CNC lathes with these chucks makes it possible to make the most of the lathes. Serration soft jaws are used on these chucks. However, any other kinds of hardened, soft jaws can also be supplied on the users' requirement. On users' requirements, we can supply short-taper power chucks or adapter which can be attached to the machine tools directly, the chuck mounting types are classified as form A2, C and D, which can be separately fitted on different No. Spindle noses.
Size 160 200 250 315
Thread depth (mm) 20 22 25 28
Max piston stroke (mm) 17.5 20 20 25
Eff. travel per jaw (mm) 3.0 3.5 4.2 5.2
Max. draw bar pull (daN) 1800 2800 4500 5500
Max. gripping force (daN) 4000 7500 9600 12000
Max. speed (r.p.m) 4500 4000 3500 2500
Matching cylinder P25 125 P25 125 P25 160 P25 160

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