Scroll Self - Centring Chucks

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Three-jaw self-centering chucks are classified as the K11 and K11(direct mounting) according to the connection to the spindle nose. These are some new types derived from this series, such as K10 Two-jaw Self-centering Chucks, K12 Four-jaw Self-centering Chucks, K13 Six-jaw Self-centering Chucks, TKM11 Precision Three Self-centering Chucks, Adjustable Self-centering Chucks and Lever Scroll Chucks. The jaws are either of the solid type or two-piece type (the latter has Form A and Form C) According to the needs of users, we can also design and make other types of self-centering chucks of special structure.

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various type of Universal brand hand operate, hydraulic, pneumatic, 2 - jaw, 3 - jaw, 4 - jaw, 6 - jaw serial self - centering chucks, four jaw independent chucks, mid speed and high speed power chucks and hydraulic cylinder for use on NC lathes