Burgess Metal Strip Ceiling

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Increasing demands for acoustic privacy within the work place have highlighted the need to provide ceiling systems which offer up to 40 Dn, C, W. The secret to the Burgess 40dB system lies within a new integral high performance acoustic insert factory fitted into the tile. The 16mm deep cassette construction simplifies installation and maintenance and when used in conjunction with Burgess Flushline Grid - with its mitred corners and continuous M6 thread detail - combines easy partition integration with precision-engineered aesthetics.
  • Module sizes
    • 500 x 500mm
    • 600 x 600mm
    • 750 x 750mm
  • System achieves 41 Dn, C, W - 43 Dn, C, W
  • Tile and insert supplied as 'cassette' unit
  • Flush, clean ceiling plane
  • Simple to access
  • Grid capping with continuous threaded detail
  • Easy partition integration
  • Inlay treated to resist fibre migration
  • No requirement for costly backing panel
  • 18mm wide Burgess Flushline Grid for added rigidity
  • 40dB flush tegular
  • Structural: Tiles and extruded grid components are manufactured to precision engineered tolerances for size. The 'cassette' tile forms a rigid and dimensionally stable ceiling and may act as a structural diaphragm to support lightweight fittings, partition heads etc.
  • Color and finish: Ceiling panels and extrusions and finished with a durable and washable polyester coating to RAL 9010 white as standard. Other colors available upon request
  • Access: Access to the ceiling void can be gained by simply lifting out the 'cassette' tiles out of the suspension system
  • Fire: Ceiling panels and SRA inlay comply with Class 0 indices and Class 1 performance for surface spread of flame on both surfaces
  • Perforation pattern: Tiles and supplied perforated with 1.5mm holes on a 4mm diagonal pitch giving 22% open area, complete with 10mm plain borders. Other perforation arrangements are available upon request, although acoustic performance may be affected
  • Effects of moisture: Product suitable for installation where humidity levels do not exceed 90%RH
  • Fibre migration: Products have undergone authoritative testing for migration of fibres, and it was concluded that they "...do not liberate measurable amounts of mineral wool fibres - even at heavy exposure to vibration"
  • Perimeter trims: A full range of extruded perimeter trims and intersection details are available to complement the Flush Tegular system. Further details are available from our Technical Services Department

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