Squash Ball. Red Dot. Medium.

Squash Ball. Red Dot. Medium.

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Squash Ball (Red Dot)

Product ID: HI142-00

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Huashen Company is a manufacturer and distributor of squash balls and rubber wheels. solid rubber wheels, soft rubber wheels, hard rubber wheels, training wheels, luggage wheels, rubber casters; double yellow dot squash balls, single yellow dot squash balls, red dot squash balls, blue dot squash balls, green dot squash balls.
1. The New Max Progress Ball (red dot).
2. 6% larger than the traditional-sized ball, had a 20% longer 'hang-time' than the Revelation Pro XX .
3. Medium.
4. Softballs.
5. Rubber-made balls.
6. Beginners.
  • The World Squash Federation (WSF) Certificated
  • RoHS Certification With SGS
  • ASTM Certification With SGS.

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