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We are one of the largest molders in the world for the custom molded rubber products with high technique to develop the tooling and material property to meet the requirements of customer.
  • Largest molders with 400 workers plant in China.
  • Production line:
    • Rubber-bonded-to-metal.
    • Ball pen grip.
    • Golf culb grips.
    • Pipe seal.
    • Door hinge.
    • Grommet, stand, bumper, cap and gasket.
    • Big o-rings.
    • Automotive O.E.M. parts (QS-9000 certified).
  • High level R&D staff for tooling and compounding designing.
  • Quantity and competitive products welcome.
  • All world standard such as AS 568, JIS and metric standard toolings are available.
  • Compounding according to ASTM D-2000 specification.
  • In-house tooling shop to ensure quick and quality delivery with reasonable cost.
  • Back-up rings are also available for AS568 series.
  • Low tooling cost to develop the non-standard products.
  • Phsical property for o-rings are able to submit with slab and buttons.

Main Products

custom made rubber wristband, interlock wristband, rubber silicone wristband (wrist band), silicone bracelet, rubber o-rings, back up rings, custom made molded (moulded) seals, oil seals, rubber seals, rubber extrusion profile, tubing, cords & wire, silicone polishers & rubberized grinding wheels