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Central Elastic Corporation Sdn. Berhad   

We were established in 1973 to manufacture a very wide range of general and technical purpose rubber bands for the world wide markets.

Main Products : rubber bands, antistatic bands, tubings, pallet bands, conductive bands, printed bands, "anchor" bands, tab bands, big size bands, X-bands... More

Taiwan PU Corporation   

We are your Polyurethane factories in Taiwan and China.

Main Products : PU goods... More

Rimpex Rubber Import & Export Co.,Ltd.   

Rimpex Deals in Rubber Related Business.Rimpex is Exporting Rubber Parts,Rubber Machinery and Importing Natural Rubber,Synthetic Rubber,Rubber Chemicals,Rubber Testing Equipments,etc.

Main Products : Rubber Parts, Rubber Machinery, Natural Rubber... More

Y.L Rubber and Plastic   

We are the leading manufacturer in China with ISO9001 for rubber sheet, rubber hose, V-Belt, conveyor belt, PVC hose and choline chloride. Our present main market is: Europe, South & North America,Aus ...

Main Products : rubber sheet, rubber hose, V-belt, conveyor belt, PVC hose... More

Sanmen Fuwei Rubber Belt Manufacturing Co.,Ltd   

Sanmen Fuwei Rubber Belt Manufacturing Co.,Ltd,specialized in manufacturing,automobile timing belt,fan belt,v-belt,poly v-belt,various speed belt,industrial timing belt,rubber conveyor belt,PU belt an ...

Main Products : timing belt, v belt, conveyor belt... More

Kaifeng Ocean Rubber Co.,LTD.   

Kaifeng Ocean Rubber Co.,LTD is special products "JIULONG""OCEAN" brands V-belt,such as Raw-edged V belt,timing belt,ribbed belt agriculture machinery belt and various special belt.We have the perfect ...

Main Products : raw-edged V belt, timing belt... More


IMABE IBERICA it's a Spanish firm that bases its activity on the design and manufacturing of machinery and equipment for recuperation of recyclable materials in benefit of the environment and also for ...

Main Products : Continuous Presses, Industrial Shredders... More

Transportide Industrial Ltd   

Transportide Industrial Limited is the leading manufacturer of hydraulic rubber hose, conveyor belt. We have rich experience in R&D, QC system. We always commit the rigorous Quality Control Systems, ...

Main Products : Hydraulic Hose... More

Cixi DelsoN Rubber & Plastic Factory   

Cixi Delsen Rubber&Plastic Products Factory (founded 1995) is located in the Cixi Industrial Zone of Ningbo Area in The Zhejiang province of China. We occupy an area of 4,000 square meters of which 2, ...

Main Products : o-ring, o-ring kit, rubber parts, sealing material... More

sanmen fuwei rubber belt ltd   

Our company manufacturing some diffcult rubber belt.Automobile timing belt,fan belt,V-belt,variable belt as so on. We can offer competitive price. If there is anything we can do to help you, we shall ...

Main Products : timing belt, fan belt, V-belt, variable belt... More
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