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GREAT AUTO PART CORP. , LTD specializes in the export of an extensive range of automotive parts. With specialized factories for the production of:1 clutch facing, clutch disc, clutch cover;2 brake pad ...

Main Products : clutch parts and brake parts... More

Asimco Global   

ASIMCO brakes, including ASIMCO brake pads and ASIMCO brake shoe, registered as an international brand aiming at global market, has been highly recognized for good quality reputation since it was esta ...

Main Products : Brake Pads-Brake Shoe... More


With 20 years in the friction aftermarket, TBT is a professional manufacturer and supplier of automotive brake friction products, specialized in Brake Pads & Shoes. Our products are exported throughou ...

Main Products : brake pad & shoe... More

Zhengzhou Renfa Machinery and Equipment Co.,Ltd   

Zhengzhou Renfa Machinery and Equipment Co.,Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise which is professional in research, manufacture and sales. We are specialized in auto truck spare part, such as: auto brake ...

Main Products : Auto parts, truck parts. brake drum... More
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