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Victor Jewellery Net Shop   

We are the ring manufacture merchant, the service project have manufacture the ring the template and the ring gold proportion and so on, also may coordinate the company demand manufacture ring, is fir ...

Main Products : Ring template... More

San J Jewellery Limited   

San J Jewellery Limited was established in 1999, with every effort of the staff and supporting by customers, San J has grown to be a dynamic and integrated Jewellery enterprise.San J set up its headqu ...

Main Products : All kinds of jewellery... More


We are manufacturers and exporters of disinfectants and sterillants, which have constantly growing demand inside Russia and in CIS countries. Especially popular is the 雨rilliant嚙 family combining ...

Main Products : Disinfectants... More

ghoshidiamonds(fancy colored)   

we exports diamonds at 30 to 50 % minus rapaport prices.we also exports fancy colroed dimaonds.

Main Products : fancy colored diamonds... More

Shenzhen Yiyang Jewellery Manufactory-yiyangcathy@hotmail.com   

ShenZhen YiYang Jewellery Company Limited,is a professional and regular jewellery manufacturer in China.THE company is located in ShenZhen WanShan Industrial park,having nealy 1000 squal meter regula ...

Main Products : ... More

Bless pearl trade Co.,Ltd   

Bless pearl trade Co., Ltd. is a professional exporter of pearl items which is engaged in business on 2000 in the southeast of china . Our products are highly demanded in fashion market and widely exp ...

Main Products : pearl necklaces, bracelet, earrings, pendants, rings... More

qingdao beauty jewelry.co   

qingddao beauty jewelryco,is founded in 1999ans located in the arts and crafts city B1075,chengyang qingdao china.we are specialized production sells and produces the ornament. the company ample funds ...

Main Products : fashion jewelry, necklace, earrings... More

EjewHK Limited   

Jwellery Wholesale :A.)K-gold,setting with diamond,gemstones,etc.We cld supply u gold and stones or u supply all the materials .Setting Or without any stons.B.)Sterling SilverC.)Giftware of Silver and ...

Main Products : k-gold, sterling silver, diamond, gemstone (earring, ring... More

EjewHK Limited   

About Us:Established in 1989Workers more than 1000Over 500 new designs come out every month.Production:K Gold(9-18K)/Platinum/Sterling Silver setting with Diamond, Gemstone, Pearl, Semiprecious, CZ et ...

Main Products : All kinds of jewellery & promotion Gift... More

CB Fine Jewelry Co. Ltd.   

Employing more than 200 skilled workers and craftsmen, CB Fine Jewelry manufactures and distributes 18K gold and platinum fine jewelry collections to more than 300 premier jewelers world-wide. The com ...

Main Products : Fine Jewelry, Gold Jewelry, Platinum Jewelry... More
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