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Strong Chung Co., Ltd.   

Door lockset, panic exit device, door closer, floor hinge, and door accessory are our company main products. We have acquired UL Certificate and approval and We have been developing new door lockset, ...

Main Products : Mortise Lock, Lever Lock, Panic Exit Device, Door Closer, Floor Hinge, Aluminum and Glass Door Lock, Entrance Handleset, Patch Fitting... More


Main Products : ... More


Main Products : ... More


Main Products : ... More

Sinjaofu International Corp.   

Established in 1992, Sinjaofu is one of the largest and professional manufacturers of traverse rod and drapery hardware in Asia, with headquarter in Taipei and factory in China. We are well equipped w ...

Main Products : Traverse Rods, Drapery Hardware, Curtain Tracks... More


Main Products : ... More

Yang Hsiang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.   

Yang Hsiang was established in 1983 as a professional manufacturer of metal grinding/polishing machines. Through more than 23 years of professional expertise and continued efforts in research, develop ...

Main Products : metal surface, grinding / polishing machine, stainless steel sheet... More

Ruang Utai Wood Industry Co., Ltd.   

We are the manufacturer and exporter of high quality wood products which have been awarded the high standard certificate, and has also earned the trusted from many companies in the Asia pacific region ...

Main Products : wood flooring, wood housing material components, stair case, wooden doors & frame, wooden furniture... More

Hee - Hoon Co., Ltd.   

Hee - Hoon Co., Ltd. was established in 1978. Our major export products are kitchen furniture, door panel, interior planing and construction, etc.

Main Products : kitchen furniture, door panel, interior planing & construction, etc... More


As a worldwide oriented company, PT. Multi Arthamas Glass Industry offers a wide range of process glass: 1.Tempered Safety Glass 2.Laminated Safety Glass 3.Curved/Bent Glass 4.Heat Strengthened Glass ...

Main Products : tempered flat safety glass, laminated flat and curved safety glass... More
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