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zhejiang oushun manufacturing co.,ltd   

Located in the xixi industrial zone, Yongkang county,Zhejiang province. Oushun manufacture Co.,Ltd. which was established in 2000,is a specialized factory to produce all kinds of scooter, hand tool an ...

Main Products : ... More

Zhejiang Jialong Auto Parts Co., Ltd.   

our company specializes in manufacturing kinds of car steering wheels and various aluminum ladders such as multi-functional ladder and extension ladder. It was founded in 1995, covers 20,000 square me ...

Main Products : aluninium ladders and steering wheels... More

Sino Sports Manufacturing (China) Limited   

1,Company name: Sino sports manufacturing (China) Limited2,Founded in 1999, Capital: USD$500,000 ;Annual Turnover: USD$5,000,000 - USD$6,000,000 ; Number of employee:3553,Business type: manufacturer ...

Main Products : bag, tent, furniture, shoe... More

Suzhou(China)Sunshine Hardware &Equipment Company   

As a professional supplier of ladders in China, our company Sunshine Hardware & Equipment has been in this line for more ten years; and so far, based on our technology and high quality, our instrument ...

Main Products : construction equipment... More

Runva Enterprises Limited   

Runva Enterprises Limited a specialized manufacturer and exporter of aluminum alloy proudcts in China, our products mainly covers alumium ladder,extention ladder and multi-functional ladder, which ar ...

Main Products : LADDER, WORKING TALBLE, TROLLEY, combination ladder... More

Guangdong Golden Aluminum Co., Ltd.   

Guangdong Golden Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a large –scale enterprise which producing the construction aluminum profiles and industrial aluminum profiles professionally. Located at the Nanjiang Industrie ...

Main Products : aluminum building materials, aluminum industrial materials... More


CHIAO TENG HSIN ENTERPRISE Co., Ltd., established in 1990, is a leading manufacturer of a variety of aluminum stepladders in Taiwan, especially of products for all kinds of industrial applications tha ...

Main Products : Aluminum Ladder and Fiberglass Ladder... More


Main Products : ... More

YongKang EMJ Industry & Trade co.,ltd   

Zhejiang yongkang profit chain industry &trade co., LTD., founded in 2005, is a member of the CTP 8 years, is a professional manufacturer of aluminum ladder, aluminum telescopic ladder, multi-purpose ...

Main Products : telescopic ladder, Multi-purpose ladder... More
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