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American Gemstone Authority, LLC   

We are an American company registered in the state of Nevada, and fully own our Thai facilities through the Thailand-USA Treaty of Amity. We specialize in gold and silver jewelry brand product develop ...

Main Products : ... More

Mingliang steel Jewelry Co., Ltd.   

MingLiang Jewelry Co., Ltd. is a professional stainless steel jewelry manufacturer located in Dongguan, China, which established in 2002, we mainly engaged in designing, manufacturing, distribution an ...

Main Products : body jewelry, piercing, steel jewelry, belly ring, barbel... More


Http://www.bjbead.com is engaged in jewelry, handmade jewelry, fashion jewelry, wholesale jewelry, handcrafted Jewelry, pearl jewelry, gemstone jewelry, discount jewelry, crystal jewelry, turquoise je ...

Main Products : costume jewelry... More

Korea Body Jewelry   

We are an leading manufacturer & exporter of high quality body jewelry in Korea.For the past 10years, we've been exporting body jewelry to major distributors all over the world.We are very confident i ...

Main Products : Body Piercing Jewelry, 316L Surgical Steel, Acrylic, Black PVD... More

Beauty Kingdom International Co., Ltd.   

Beauty Kindom is major of costume jewelry. We are a manufacturer and exporter both in Taiwan and China. We have been in business since 1979 specializing in high end earrings, brooch and necklace, imit ...

Main Products : Costume Jewelry, Imitation Peral... More

OCTRAG Gold Miners Ghana Ltd   

Dear Sir.We are Gold bars mining company from west Ghana. Now we have in stocklarge Quantity of Gold dory Bars, Gold Dust and Gemstones, We have in stock22 Carats Gold Bars,92% as purity and gemstone ...

Main Products : Gold Bars Offer... More
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