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NOVELTEK Industrial Manufacturing Inc.   

NOVELTEK is a leading Taiwanese manufacturer of powered and manual material handling equipment since 1990. We supply a full spectrum of models to provide you with a complete range of material handling ...

Main Products : Forklift trucks, Powered pallet stackers, Powered pallet trucks, Reach trucks... More


Main Products : ... More

Sun Tech Engineering Pte Ltd.   

Sun Tech Engineering Works was established in Singapore on 12 March 1982. The company's main role then was that of sub-contractor for multi-national corporations (MNC's) in the supply of Material Hand ...

Main Products : conveyor systems, factory automation systems... More

SMC Machinery Pte. Ltd.   

SMC Machinery Pte. Ltd. was established in 1989. Our major export products are construction machinery: generators, forklifts, bar benders, bar cutters, road rollers, compressors...etc.

Main Products : construction machinery: generator, forklift, bar bender, bar cutter, road roller, compressor...etc... More
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