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Wuxi AFL Flow Controls Equipment E/I Co. Ltd.   

AFL Group is a leading manufacturer and exporter of the flow control products in Shanghai area of China. In the light of ISO9001:2000, ISO5211, NAMUR standards and 94/9/EC OF 23 MARCH, EN13980, EN6007 ...

Main Products : Stainless Steel Solenoid Valve, Limit Switches, Solenoid Valve, Explosion Proof Solenoid Valve, Namur Solenoid Valve, Miniature Solenoid Valve... More

Wanjia Ele.Appliance Group Co.,Ltd   

We are one of the leading manufacturers electric products. Located in Wenzhou China, where is the largest base of low voltage electric appliance.We manufacture thousands model of high quality electri ...

Main Products : circuit breaker, ac contactors, relay, panel meter... More

Yueqing Aukeman Electric Co.,Ltd   

we are based manufacturer of circuit breaker (MCB, RCCB,MCCB),AC Contactors(3TF,3TB, 3TH, LC1-D, LC1-F, LC1-K, LC1-E, S-N, DIL, GMC,B, SC and so on),Thermal overload Relays(LR, TH, T, 3UA),Magnetic s ...


Sunshine Electric Co.,Ltd.   

Sunshine Electric Co., is a manufacturer of electron&electric products such as AC/DC Contactor, Thermal Overload Realy, Motor Magnetic Starter, Control Device, Pilot Light, Mini Circuit Breaker(MCB), ...

Main Products : Vandalproof Switch, Push Button Switch, Contactor, Thermostat, Circuit Breaker, Distribution Boxe... More

Chnze Electric Equipment Co.,Ltd.   

Chnze Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter in the field of electrical items, including Circuit breakers, Ac contactors, Relays, Starters, Fuses, Meters,Switches, Energy ...

Main Products : Circuit breakers, electric accessories, Meters, Switches... More

AdvFit Automation sdn Bhd   

A+D+V+F+I+T are our commitment & answer for your international projects. Our philosophy is to help you to enhance productivity, safety and convenienece while reducing energy consumption and running co ...

Main Products : Automation Control Component... More

Highly Electric Co., Ltd.   

Highly's group is family company. We are an industry - leading manufacturer and exporter in many kind of Switches since 1974, we are the top - grade supplier in this field in Taiwan. The trade mark of ...

Main Products : Micro switches, limit switches, proximity switches, photo sensors, rocker switches, push button switches, toggle switches, slide switches... More

Yueqing Onlybo Trade Co.,Ltd   

Yueqing Onlybo Trade Co.,ltd was established in Aug,2007, located in "the Capital of Chinese electric appliance " ?the town of Liushi in Wenzhou . There have thriving industry with Strong machinery ma ...

Main Products : Lock, Fuses, Circuit breaker, Relay, Meters, Contactor, Switches... More

Chengee Technology Development Co., Ltd.   

We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of electrical components in Taiwan. Our strict standards on product quality and perfect cooperation with our clients carry a satisfaction guarantee. Che ...

Main Products : Buzzer, Terminal Blocks, PCB Terminal Blocks, Piezo Siren... More


"Company Name: Andeli Group Co., Ltd.Business Type: ManufacturerProduct/Service: Various circuit breakers, contactor, relay, voltage stabilizer, instrument, meter, rectifier, fuse, weld machine, circu ...

Main Products : circuit breaker, contactor, relay, fuse, switch, power... More
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