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Clescell Battery Co.,Ltd.   

We are a professional dry cell battery manufactory in Suzhou,China(which is near by Shanghai)Our main products cover:Alkaline manganese dioxide-Zinc batteries(LR03,LR6,LR14,LR20,3LR12,6LR61) ;Carbon-Z ...

Main Products : Carbon-Zinc batteries... More

jiangxi chinabse   

we producted "swan" brand safety pin, "flower" brand hair grips, "lion" brand spring press button, dc contactor, energency switch, battery disconnector for exported.

Main Products : safety pin, hair grip, spring press button... More

Power Stations Limited   

Power Stations LimitedMANY YEARS EXPERIENCE IN BATTERY MANUFACTURINGEstablished in 2002, we have devoted over 5 years in marketing & product development in battery field. Equipped with professional m ...

Main Products : 23A 27A CR2032 2025 2016 BR435 BR425 LR03 LR1 LR50... More

Linyi Huatai Battery Co.,Ltd   

Linyi huatai battery Co.,Ltd, having an area of 110,000 square metres, Lies in Tangtou town, Linyi City-a famous recuperative spot because of its hot springs. It is at the side of 227 province-level h ...

Main Products : Battery/Dry Battery/Alkaline Battery... More
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