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Abajour Co., Ltd.   

Abajour established since May 2002. Our products are natural personal care products.We began our business by export. We export to Japan, UAE, Hong Kong, Singapore. We are not only accepted by the cust ...

Main Products : Toiletries, Herbs... More

Whole Fragrance by La Dolce Y Vito   

Naturally lasting impressions in organic, herbal and natural perfume scents and body lotions.

Main Products : Organic... More

Heze Zonghoo Jianyuan Biotech Co.,Ltd.   

We major plant oil, such as camellia oil, Flaxseed oil, perilla seed oil, oat oil, coxi seed oil, pomegranate seed oil, linseed oil, rice bran oil, walnut oil and etc. The oil can be used in many area ...

Main Products : camellia oil, Flaxseed oil, perilla seed oil, oat oil, coxi seed oil... More

Hangzhou Choisun Bio-tech Co.,Ltd   

Our company has been certified by ISO9001,HACCP management systerm, camellia oil and ready to drink tea are USDA,JAS organic certified by BCS. We have won the good belief and fame and our products are ...

Main Products : camellia oil, triterpenoid saponin, tea seed meal series..... More

heritage healers holistic skin care   

Heritage Healers manufacture and distribute high performance holistic skincare products only to professional beauty salons and spas.The Heritage Healers range combines high performance skincare with p ...

Main Products : holistic skin care... More

Shanghai FNF Industrial & Trading Co.,Ltd   

Shanghai FNF Industrial & Trading Co.,Ltd is a company which specializing in flavor & fragrance industrial for many years.Now we have developed fragrance products and by-products,such asLinaloolEucaly ...

Main Products : essential oils... More

Drop Ship Supplier   

We specialize in branded beauty and health products. Our unique network of major international manufacturers and suppliers positions Big Drop Ship as leading supplier to the beauty and health industry ...

Main Products : Beauty and Health... More

Attirance Ltd.   

Attirance Ltd. is a manufacturer and distributor of hand made natural skin care and bath products from Latvia. We produce more than 70 kinds of soaps, 44 kinds of bath balls, 7 kinds of bath milk and ...

Main Products : Soap, bath salt, bath milk, body scrub, peeling... More

Shanxi WuTai Mountain Hippophae Goods Ltd.   

Our firm mainly engaged in plant extract and capsules many years,products includeSeabuckthorn Fruit Oil,Seabuckthorn Seed Oil,Seabuckthorn Soft Capsules,Flax Seed Oil,Grape Seed Oil,Perilla Seed Oil,G ...

Main Products : seabuckthorn seed oil, seabuckthorn fruit oil, grape seed oil... More
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