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Nteshiwa Mining group,has been actively involved in gold and diamond production since 1990.Although employing obsulate mining impliments we are poised to undertake enviromentally friendly mining prac ...

Main Products : GOLD DUST... More

Memosymbol Gemstone Factory   

Memosymbol Jewelry Factory is a professional factory with several factories processing gemstones. The main products line include CZ, Precious and Semi-precious gemstone, Pearls, Jade, Opal, etc.

Main Products : Gemstone, CZ, Crytal, Agate, Shell, pearl, etc... More

Mango Sarl   

We are a Trading company situated in the capital city of Ougadougou ,Burkina Faso ,we deal in Agricultural product stocksuch as ,Raw cotton , Cashew nuts Cotton seed , Sesame seeds Shea nuts and butte ...

Main Products : Agricultural products... More

Huibao Pearl Co.,Ltd   

ZheJiang HuiBao Pearl Co.,Ltd & HingWah Pearl (H.K) Co.,Ltd. is one of leading & biggest manufactory of the frestwater pearl suppliers from shanxiahu town zhuji city , china Famous as the "pearls h ...

Main Products : Pearl necklace, pearl strands, culture pearl necklace... More

LFB Gems&Jewelry International Ltd   

We are a Guangzhou direct wholesale bead company specializing in a wide range of unique, high quality, hand crafted beads. Our company is designed specifically to serve owners of Bead Shop, Bead Store ...

Main Products : GEMSTONES... More


We are Kwams Consultant & Mining Gh. Ltd. based in Ghana west Africa, .We actually mine alluvial gold dust, bars and diamond. We do here declare our interest and willingness to open up discussion in ...

Main Products : Alluvia Gold Dust... More

JinXin Jewellery Co.,Ltd   

We are a manufacture of imitation jewelry. We make our products designing, developing, manufacturing and selling in a line. The factory is located in Yiwu City, Zhejiang-the biggest small commodity ci ...

Main Products : ... More

Hangzhou Ever Import and Export Co.,Ltd   

Ever Jewelry Company: crystal beads, acrylic beads, cats eye beads, agates, coral, shells, real stone, jasper, jade, rhinestones, chaton, hot fix stonesOur Mission:We strive to provide quality, variet ...

Main Products : rhinestone, hot-fix rhinestone, Iron-on stud, various beads... More

Lianyungang Fenqiang Trading Co.,Ltd   

Our company deals with quartz and quartz glass products, quartz heater, crystal handicraft, accessories, chemical products, illumination lamps and lanterns,depends on local quartz resources. We have t ...

Main Products : quartz tube, quartz plate/glass, garnet abrasive, crystal products... More


XIAMEN BESTWIN As the leading jewelry, gem, precious stone manufacturer in China, We offer our customers outstanding service by bringing you the greatest selection of fine jewelry directly from our fa ...

Main Products : Jewellery, Gemstone, Precious stone, Opal, Cat\'s eye... More
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