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ShinSoft Co., Ltd.   

ShinSoft Co., Ltd. was established in November of 2000, the biggest shareholder is Shin-Kong Security; the no. 2 security company in Taiwan. Chairman is Mr. Lee, Fong-yao and General Manager is Lin, P ...

Main Products : Surveillance Software, CCTV Camera, DVR Mpeg, Proximity Access Control, Surveillance Camera, Surveillance Software, CCTV Camera, DVR Mpeg... More

Chiper Technology   

Founded in 1989, Chiper Technology has entered its almost 20 years of operation. We are one Pioneers of CCTV system manufacturing as the earliest company in Taiwan that started R&D & manufacturing cam ...

Main Products : CCTV, Surveillance camera, Security system... More

Nantong Healthcare Medical Instrument   

we are a leading manufacturer and exporter for fiber optic surgical instruments in China.The products include xeon and halogen cold light source, fiber, headlight, magnifier, and different kinds of re ...

Main Products : xenon cold light source, endoscopes, headlight, magnifier... More

Shenzhen Idea-Fly Technology Co., Ltd   

ShenZhen Idea-Fly specializes in the R&D, manufacture, and sales of multi-rotor aircraft.Nowadays, the company has developed several multi-rotor products like IFLY-4, IFLY-4S, Apollo,Hero- 550,Storm-8 ...

Main Products : uav drone, racing drone, waterproof drone... More
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