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Outsourcing, Electronic design, Project engineering

Outsourcing, Electronic design, Project engineering - Outsourcing

In Electronics business, there are an entire project from the electronic design, product development and, project engineering and manufacture of the products based on customer'srequirements or contrac ...

Shanghai TN Tech Co. Ltd Promote Demote
Main Products: Electronic design, outsourcing, PCB Assembly, Smart card, ODM... More
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EDVAC INFORMATION SYSTEMS LIMITED is founded in 1997. Our mission is to deliver best business value to our customers through productivity enhancing and cost-saving information technology products.EDVA ...

Main Products: myfax officefax... More
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self service kiosk

self service kiosk - Kiosk

Computer:Mainboard: industrial POS-1711VNA (Intel 845)CPU: Intel P4 3.0G (upgradeable as option)RAM: 1GB (upgradeable as option)Hard disk: 80GB (upgradeable as option)More sizes and types of PC are al ...

threestars computer communication company Promote Demote
Main Products: Self-service Kiosk... More
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RQ-8 Cercleuse automatique

RQ-8 Cercleuse automatique - Cercleuse RQ-8

La RQ-8 est la cercleuse la plus sûre jamais conçue. Sa conception innovante l’a fait reconnaitre comme la cercleuse d’usage général la plus fiable du marché.Elle comprend un chargement aisé ...

Boompack Promote Demote
Main Products: RQ-8 Automatic Strapping Machine Strapac... More
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Internet Marketing Services

Internet Marketing Services - cssplayer-19

We are providing the affordable and result oriented SEO/SMO services to our Global clients since 2009 with the help of our qualified digital marketing professionals.!!spec!!fea.seo services.smo servie ...

Cssplayer IT Solutions Promote Demote
Main Products: software development, web design and development, seo... More
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Airbnb Clone | Airbnb Script

Airbnb Clone | Airbnb Script - Airbnb Clone Script

http://www.phpscriptsmall.com/product/airbnb-clone-script/Airbnb Clone is a Vacation Rental Booking Website Script designed particularly for aiming holiday rentals all over the world. Airbnb clone is ...

PHP Scripts Mall Promote Demote
Main Products: Airbnb Clone, Airbnb Script, Property Rental Script... More
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