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Tianjin No.2 Cotton Mill   

Tianjin No.2 Cotton Mill is a large-scale Textile enterprises with 8,500 states, which has got the right to import and export by itself. In 1996, it passed the ISO 9002 certification it specializes in ...

Main Products : Grey Cloth, Grey Cloth, Dyed and Printing Cloth, Thread... More

Bumbia Enterprises   

It gives us, Bumbia Enterprises, Great pleasure in introducing ourselves as a very reliable and experienced manufacturer & Exporters in Pakistan for the Leather Garments,Ready Made Garments,Terry Towe ...

Main Products : Our Main products : Leather Garments / Readymade Garments / Terry Towel Bathrobes / Textile MadeupsFoodstuffs Agriculturer commodities & others General Items... More

Indotex Manufacturers   

As a leading manufacturer of TEXTILE MACHINERIES AND PLANTS in India since 1970. We have installed a large number of machineries in all-over India as well as abroad. We are specialized in SIZING PLANT ...

Main Products : sizing machine, products from hosiery fibers... More

Gujarat Dyestuff Industries Pvt Ltd.   

Gujarat Dyestuff Industries Pvt Ltd. is the Flagship Company of the group set-up 1981. Looking to the increasing demand of plastic packing materials, the group diversified its manufacturing area from ...

Main Products : HDPE / PP woven fabric, sacks, tarpaulins... More

Yu Yuang Textile Co., Ltd.   

Yu Yuang Textile Co., Ltd. was estabished in 1961. We are a manufacturer and exporter specializing in warpknitting fabric and circular knitting. We have also developed successful overseas investments ...

Main Products : Warpknitting fabric & circular knitting fabric, nylon, polyester, spandex... More

Ultimo Co., Ltd.   

We are a professional textile exporter and manufacturer with our own designs and professional technical support.

Main Products : textile fabric... More
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