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Well Lian Enterprise Co., Ltd.   

We are a small-scale company. We have famous trustworthiness which quality guarantees, good service and we make a delivery before a deadline. We have a great ability to make alloy with pure lead. All ...

Main Products : wicker lead, lead slab, paper lead, brass crowned lead, alloy with lead, every lead products... More

Net Up International Co., Ltd.   

As a new company with on innovative spirit, we dominate all processes with our pro capabilities to many lines of hardware, computer parts, plastic products, sport goods and related parts, from R&D to ...

Main Products : hinge... More

China Metallurgical Import And Export Jiangxi Company   

Combining industry with trade, technology with trade, we export metallurgical products and non-ferrous metals and will uphold the principles of service and good faith, mutual benefit and high efficien ...

Main Products : ferro - alloys ( Mn - Si, Mn - Fe, Si MTL ), graphite, wolframite, steel products, cemented carbide... More


Main Products : ... More

Mount Tai Company   

Our company, Mount Tai, is handling the import and export of abrasives, mainly exporting our famous "Mount Tai" brand products which have been produced by our factory - China No. 4 Grinding Wheel Fact ...

Main Products : abrasive materials, grinding tools, silicon lakeside, heating elements, magnesium, magnesium alloy... More
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