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Main Products : ... More


Main Products : ... More

Sanmas Co., Pte Ltd.   

Burmese trading house dealing in commodities, instant coffee, edible oils, flavours, additivies, rubber etc.

Main Products : instant coffee, rubber, edible oils, timber... More

Nihon Industrial Products PTE Ltd.   

Nihon industrial products PTE Ltd. were established in 1983. Our major export products are magnets

Main Products : magnet... More

Shandong Yanshan Group Co.   

Shandong Yanshan Group Corporation a large-scale state-owned enterprise owns the rights to export & import. Its fixed assets are RMB 230 million. It has 8 dept.: mainly dealing in the IMP. & EXP. Of f ...

Main Products : farm products, Arts, crafts, flange plate, plastic steels door equipment of window, drill... More

Jilin Machinery and Equipment Import / Export Corp., Ltd.   

Established in 1978, China Jilin Machinery and Equipment Import and Export Corporation Limited is a powerful international trade corporation with rich technical forces and flexible trade methods. It s ...

Main Products : Numerical Control Plastics Bottle-Blowing Machine, Abrasives, Graphite Electrodes... More

China Metallurgy I/E Corp. Jilin Branch   

China Metallurgy Imp. & Exp. Crop. Jilin was established in Sep. 1982. It's a typical production-marketing combined company engaging in import and export of metallurgical products scope of business: e ...

Main Products : Steel, Iron, Ferroalloy, Electrical Products... More

Pt. Indoprima Gemilang   

Pt. IPG is one of the biggest automotive parts manufacturer in Indonesia which was established in 1982 and got ISO9002 in 1997. Pt. TPG got technical assistance agreement: brake lining (from Mitsubish ...

Main Products : wiring harness & battery cables, brake lining & roll lining, brake shoe for motorcycle... More

ApS DAN-HOW Metal Micro Perforation   

Specialist in the micro perforation of pre-lacquered aluminium or steel coils which the client may supply to the factory in Denmark.

Main Products : perforation of metal coils for venetian blinds... More

Power Most Industrial Co., Ltd.   

Established in 1977, Power Most has a 10,000 sq.m. plant with a capacity of over 5 million units per month. Our major products include precision screwdrivers, hobby knife sets, ceramic adjusters and e ...

Main Products : tool set screwdriver set adjuster set tweezer set knife set... More
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