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Cinnamon oil By supercritical CO2

Cinnamon oil By supercritical CO2 - Cinnamon oil

Product name: Cinnamon oilRaw material: Cinnamon BarkOrigin: ChinaProduction: By supercritical fluid extraction with natural carbon dioxideColor& Appearance: Yellow to red brown oil with fine aromati ...

Main Products: The series products of cinnamon:Cinnamon oil By supercritical CO2... More
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Camellia Oil,Tea seed Oil

Camellia Oil,Tea seed Oil - CC001/2/3,CB001,CL00

Camellia oil (also called Tea seed oil) is a kind of food and natural beauty products, which is only used by emperor and queen in ancient China. But in today's China, camellia oil can widely use in co ...

Yushi Feilong Camellia Oil Co.Ltd Promote Demote
Main Products: Camellia Oil, Tea seed Meal, Tea seed Powder, Tea seed Cake... More
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Poppy seed Oil

Poppy seed Oil - SKU: 00011

Additional InformationWeight 0.1 kgDimensions 4.5 x 4.5 x 23.5 cm!!spec!!fea!!tab

Ostro Organics Inc. Promote Demote
Main Products: poppy seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, Organic Sunflower Oil... More
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Triple-Roller Crushe

Triple-Roller Crushe - XKPS-TS

A feeding roll is installed above the crumbing rolls to make the feeding even and adjustable;The synchronous roll-space adjusting mechanism can adjust the roll space precisely and conveniently;Triple- ...

Guangzhou Xinmas Industry Co.,LTD Promote Demote
Main Products: equipments for Oils&Fats Pretreatment and Feed Mill, Crusher... More
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extra virgin olive oil

extra virgin olive oil - olive oil

is produced at lowtemperatures and has the optimum acidity forconsumption.

Korfezim Olive Oil Co. Promote Demote
Main Products: olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, pure olive oil, refineted olive oil... More
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marble - marble


ATCO Foreign Trade Co. Ltd. Promote Demote
Main Products: marble... More
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Macadamia Oil

Macadamia Oil - MacOil

We supply both refined and cold pressed oil. The refined oil contains permitted antioxidants, whereas the cold pressed oil is 100% pure.The macadamia contains no cholesterol and the oil has more healt ...

Maximacs Ltd Promote Demote
Main Products: Macadamia Nuts, Macadamia Nut Oil... More
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sesame oil

sesame oil - 15155000

100% sesame seed oil

Shandong Sanfeng Sesame Oil Co.,Ltd Promote Demote
Main Products: sesame oil, sesame butter, peanut butter... More
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Musterd swarna oil seed

Musterd swarna oil seed - 14

With the prime objective of catering to the various needs of the clients, we are engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying a wide range of Swarna Seeds. These are offered by us at most afforda ...

Dharam Agro Biotech Promote Demote
Main Products: Fertilizer, pestcides, vegitable seeds, bajra seed... More
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Sanfeng Light Sesame Seed Oil

Sanfeng Light Sesame Seed Oil - 15155000

Our Light Sesame Seed Oil which grinded by the millstone come from the Organic Farm.There are two main crafts for extraction of oil and we choose the Chinese traditional crafts which will keep the nu ...

Shandong Sanfeng Sesame Oil Co.,Ltd Promote Demote
Main Products: Sesame Seed Oil, Sesame Seed Paste... More
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