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SAN JU Electric Machinery Co.,Ltd.   

SAN JU Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. manufacturingAC axial fans and its fan guards. We utilizes state of art assembly lines to ensure fast and accurate delivery, and provide quality products consistent ...

Main Products : AC cooling fan, AC axial fan, Fan guard, Exhause Fan... More

ThinTech Materials Technology Co., Ltd.   

Vision To be the reliable corporation in optoelectronics and biomedical field with prospective innovation, pursuing growth, customer orientation and value added service.Mission Integrated CSC competen ...

Main Products : Thin film sputtering tube/ plate target, metal powder for 3D printing, acid and alkali-resistance alloy and titanium for cooking/ tableware... More

Shanghai C-Macau Photoelectricity Co.,Ltd.   

Shanghai C-Macau Photoelectricity Co., Ltd is located in the financial center of China?Shanghai. Founded in 1994, it has been become a professional manufacturer in the optical fiber devices field. Aft ...

Main Products : Optic Fiber Patch cord, Adaptor, Coupler, Attenuator, Pigtail... More


Our main products are: silicon resin fibreglass sleeving,silicon rubber fibreglass sleeving,HTG-410 fibreglass sleeving and Acrylic fibreglasssleeving.

Main Products : fibreglass sleeving... More

Guangzhou Beike Photographic Equipment Ltd.   

Reaching over 100,000 Units Monthly ProductionFounded in 2001, Guangzhou Beike Photographic Equipment specializes in cameras and video tripods, shoulder pads, mono pods, ball heads and photographic ac ...

Main Products : Camera tripods Ball heads Camera monopods Studio accessories... More

kemii paper   

A4 paper suppliers, A4 copy paper manufacturers A4 paper suppliers, A4 copy paper manufacturers A4 paper suppliers, A4 copy paper manufacturers A4 paper suppliers, A4 copy paper manufacturers A4 paper ...

Main Products : a4 paper... More

Shen Zhen VITEBO Science &Technology Development Co., Ltd.   

Shenzhen VITEBO Science &Technology Development Co., Ltd, established in 2005, is a professional enterprise which specializes in Bluetooth application. We manage design, manufacture, marketing and aft ...

Main Products : bluetooth handsfree car kit... More

shining3d Co.   

Hangzhou Shining 3D Tech Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company, specializing in laser technology and 3D digitizing technology for integrated personalized crystal business solutions.The most advanced laser ...

Main Products : 3d laser machine; 3d camera; 3d scanner; crystal products... More

shenzhen langxin electronic CO.,LTD   

Shenzgen LangXin Electron Company is a manufacturer specializing in the research, manufacturing, and providing a complete solution for Kiosk, Touch Screen Panel, POS Terminal, Advertising player etc. ...

Main Products : touch screen kiosk... More

Shenzhen Tailiyilai Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd   

Shenzhen Tailiyilai Optoelectronics Co.Ltd is leading professional,international,high quality optoelectronic enterprise in the International market.It produces high brightness light-emitting diode,dig ...

Main Products : led display screen... More
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