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Shanghai TN Tech Co. Ltd   

Shanghai TN Tech Co Ltd., was established in 1998. Specialized in Electronic Design and Application Development, including application development of Digital, Analog, MCU Chip.TN R&D original creation ...

Main Products : Electronic design, outsourcing, PCB Assembly, Smart card, ODM... More

LD Industrial Co.,Ltd   

LD Industrial Co.,Ltd is a electronic products manufacturer, located in ShangHai, China.our major business involed LED products, PCB products, cable harness and mechanical products. our products have ...

Main Products : LED PCB Assembly, wire cable harness kit... More

Shenzhen Greattong Electronic Co., Ltd.   

Shenzhen Greattong Electronic Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998 and was the most complete large-scaleOEM/ODM Manufacturer in Shenzhen, which specialty is engaged in PCB LAYOUT, PCB Fabrication, OEM assemb ...

Main Products : PCB designing, routing, fabrication... More

Shenzhen PCB PCBA Co., Ltd   

Shenzhen PCB PCBA Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specialized in the research, development and production of printed circuit board, SMT and DIP PCBA assembly service, PCB board, multilayer PCB board, circ ...

Main Products : PCB, PCBA, PCB Layout... More
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