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We are Manufactory Sterling Silver Jewelry of Thailand. We have catalog online more than 700 item number. If you need us making order in your design please contact us via e-mail.

Main Products : 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry... More

Huaying Pearl Nuclei Industry Co.,ltd   

Our company is one of the largest pearl nuclei manufactures in China with more than 20 years trade experience. For more details.The following is our detailed introduction1.freshwater pearls(without nu ...

Main Products : pearl, pearlnuclei, shell, coral... More

Oriant pearl company   

We are one of the leading cultivators and suppliers of premium quality pearls. With more than 10 years development, we have 2500 hectares cultivating farm by now. Our major business includes supplying ...

Main Products : loose pearl & pearl strands... More

lior europa s.l.   

We are the European distributer company of a major fine jewellery factory from mexico.we are based in Spain and looking for business partners in different countries in all Europe.Product: white and ye ...

Main Products : fine jewellery... More

Artler Jewelry International (SZ) Ltd   

We are a leading nucleus manufacturer as well as shell dealer in China

Main Products : pearl nucleus... More

shanghai venus pearl company   

Shanghai Venus Pearl Co., Ltd is specialized in seawater pearl breeding, processing and selling. Relying on abundant capitals and strong technological capability, we have been focusing on raising, dev ...

Main Products : seawater pearl... More

Topearl Jewlery Inc.   

ToPearl Jewelry Inc. wholesales jewelry online in China. Topearl is professional wholesaler and supplier of Chinese cultured pearls in mainland China. All pearls are directly from our cultured pearl f ...

Main Products : wholesale jewelry, pearl jewelry, pearl necklace, freshwater... More

chuangli jewelry factory   

Dear sirswe wrote to introduce ourselves as jewelry factory from China,of wide rangewe would be interested in receiving your inquiries for all types of jewelry ,such as ringsnecklace chains bracelets ...

Main Products : JEWELRY... More

Qingdao Gaia International Trading CO.,LTD.   

 Qingdao Gaia International Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2001,has derived from Qingdao Gaia furniture company,our company originally deal with park bench and wooden furniture.Along wit ...

Main Products : Gazebo, Garden umbrella, Park bench, Rattan furniture, Weather vane... More

Harbor of Pearl Jewellery Co.,Ltd   

Our company lies in the zhuji of China,which is called "the hometown of pearl",since 70% pearls all over the world are from there.Based on the good and natural advantage,our company specialise in whol ...

Main Products : freshwater pearls... More
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