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Main Products : ... More

IBEST Electrical Co.Ltd   

IBEST ELECTRICAL CO.LTD has been applied himself to industrial electrical and automation fields. The product lines involve:1, Measuring and control instrument (temperature controller, timer, count ...

Main Products : temperature controller, proximity sensor, indicator, counter, timer... More


Main Products : ... More

AdvFit Automation sdn Bhd   

A+D+V+F+I+T are our commitment & answer for your international projects. Our philosophy is to help you to enhance productivity, safety and convenienece while reducing energy consumption and running co ...

Main Products : Automation Control Component... More

Super Star Technology Co., Ltd.   

Super Star Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988 and has a good reputation with "Home Automation System", especially the "Remote Control System". We have two factories, (one in Taiwan and the other ...

Main Products : wireless remote controller... More

Shanghai Zhuoyi Electronic Co.,Ltd.   

Shanghai Zhuoyi Electronic Co., Ltd. is committed to the field of automation and control with product development and production. We have many engineers with strong technology in single-chip developin ...

Main Products : timer switch, time relay, counter, counter... More

Wenzhou Hezhong Electric Co.Ltd.   

Hezhong Electric Co. Ltd., a creation by Canadian entrepreneur---Mr. John Qin Jiang and his Chinese partners, has been a leading exporter of Chinese low-voltage electrical products since 1997. It has ...

Main Products : ... More

Ningbo lexing inductor electronic co.,ltd   

Ningbo lexing inductor electronic co.,ltd is specializing in mainly producing sensor electronic, possess more than 20 years experience of producing electron. The products include: PIR sensor switch, M ...

Main Products : PIR sensor switch, M/W sensor switch, sensor light... More
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